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RFC 6666 defines the discard prefix as 100::/64

Edge router configuration:

interface null0
    no ipv6 unreachables

router bgp 65500
    bgp router-id
    neighbor 2001:db8::2 remote-as 65500

    address-family ipv6
        neighbor 2001:db8::2 activate

ipv6 route 100::/64 Null0

Trigger Router Configuration

router bgp 65500
    bgp router-id
    neighbor 2001:db8::1 remote-as 65500
    no auto-summary

    address-family ipv6
       neighbor 2001:db8::1 activate
       network 2001:db8:0:ff::/64
       redistribute static route-map ipv6-rm

route-map ipv6-rm permit 10
    match tag 66
    set local-preference 200
    set origin igp
    set ipv6 next-hop 100::1
route-map ipv6-rm deny 20